Gafieira Rio Miami


Gafieira Rio Miami is a project created by  the latin GRAMMY nominee Diogo Brown, a Brazilian bassist and composer who has lived in Miami for the last 15 years. Diogo is one of the most in-demand bass players in the industry, both for recording and touring, and has worked with many renowned artists such as Gloria Estefan, Laura Pausini, Buika, Nouvelle Vague, Julio Iglesias Jr, Tony Succar and many others.

In June 2021 Diogo invited two exceptional musicians to help put together the band: renowned

saxophonist Dr. Pablo Gil, a Latin GRAMMY nominee, and trombonist Pedro Carrero, who was

the principal trombonist of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. Together they

recruited the very best session musicians in South Florida to put together this Brazilian big


To add a feminine touch and deliver powerful and seductive vocals, Preta Egy was the perfect

fit. Recently arrived in Miami, Preta is a professional singer who has recently worked with major

artists like Anitta and Ludmilla.

The common goal of all of these phenomenal musicians is to play Brazilian dance music known

as “samba de gafieira”. Hugely popular in early 20th century Rio De Janeiro, the genre has made a comeback with newer generations due to the joyous and irresistible energy of the music.  Gafieira Rio Miami brings this music alive to South Florida audiences with their unique mix of samba, jazz and funk that will get everyone on the dance floor!

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Gafieira Rio Miami 


Preta Egy - Vocal

Diogo Brown - Bass 

Cassio Coutinho - Keyboards

Phill Fest - Guitar

Brian Potts - Percussion

Ray Moinrog - Drums

Horn Section 

Pablo Gil - Tenor sax

Amed Torrecilla - Alto sax

Pedro Carrero - Trombone 

Pete  Francis - Trumpet 

Anthony Perez - Trumpet